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Since 2017, the original My Country Talks format, has initiated tens of thousands of conversations around Europe in over a dozen regional and national events - from Italy to Norway. The My Country Talks events are created and hosted through a collaboration of members from the media, government, and the social sector to foster debate among citizens.

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The My Country Talks software can be used by any organisation to bring communities of any size into dialogue with each other. All you need is a website, and a few controversial questions to get started.

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My Country Talks

My Country Talks is the original form of our political dialogue program, which works with national media outlets to bring a nation into debate. The My Country Talks model was made to combat plolarisation, and create conversations across deep political divides.

My City Talks

My City Talks is intended for towns, cities, states, municipalites, and geographic regions that face specific challenges. Are you a local newspaper, regional nonprofit, association, or municipal government? Then this program is right for you.

My Community Talks

My Community Talks is our special model for closed communities that want to bring their members together around niche issues. If you are an institute, university, civil society organisation or NGO, get in touch to organise an event for your community.

How to host an event

1. Register as a partner

Give your event a name, for example: Italy Talks. You are also welcome to partner with additional media outlets in your region or country. Choose a date on which your readers will meet up for one-on-one discussions

2. Draft some questions

These should be questions on which your readership is particularly divided. For example: Has your country accepted too many refugees?

3. Readers sign up with the MCT widget

Readers answer the questions and complete the registration in an embeddable widget. The My Country Talks platform collects all the answers and data for you – but only you have access to the information.

4. The My Country Talks algorithm matches your readers

The MCT software uses an algorithm to match your readers based on their opinions. The software matches pairs with maximally contrasting opinions, meaning the widest difference in their answers to the registration questions.

5. The pairs arrange their meetings independently

On the day of the event, participants then meet up across your region or country for political debates. And you can report on the results

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With Austria Talks, thousands of people met in person all around Austria to talk with someone who is of the complete opposite opinion. We’re happy we could bring people together.
- Martin Kotynek, editor-in-chief DER STANDARD, Austria

"Finland talks received a very enthusiastic response in a country not traditionally known for chatting with strangers. All of a sudden, exploring what unites us and not only on what divides us feels like a fresh perspective"
- Laura Saarikoski, Managing Editor, Helsingin Sanomat of Finland