Sverige Möts

November 23, 2019

On the 23rd of November, SVT is hosting Sweden talks in eight locations across the country. From Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south.

With the initiative, we hope to give participants the opportunity to meet someone who thinks differently and listen to that person's argument. But we also want to tell something about Sweden. With the seven polarizing questions as a starting point, we have also published lots of facts, cases and news journalism from all over the country.

The questions we asked the audience was:

  • Should we eat less meat for the sake of the climate?
  • Should begging be banned?
  • Should we have more wolves in Sweden?
  • Is gasoline too expensive?
  • Would more feminism be good for Sweden?
  • Should Sweden receive fewer refugees?
  • Is the tax in Sweden too high?