Ethics and Transparency

General conduct - Anti-discrimination

My Country Talks commits to uphold anti-discrimination, non-violent and non-offensive conduct in all aspects of our programs, and we ensure that all program partners take this committment as well. The My Country Talks team, program partners, and all participants will, under no circumstances, discriminate persons based on sex, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, mental illness or ability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity/expression, sex characteristics, religion or individual political opinions. Any targeted, specific and harmful actions or communication that are carried out to make any participant feel threatened, on individual grounds or on the basis of a social or personal characteristics, will not be tolerated.

Who we work with

Our Program partners must meet the following conditions:

  • Independent media organisations, excluding publications or other media groups which are created specifically for the purpose of promotion of one or more corporations, without an independent editorial body.
  • Non-profit organisations who are interested in reaching an audience or community that is independent from and not exclusively affiliated with the organisation. For instance restriction access exclusively to employees, party members, or members.
  • Other organisations that work with public interest, including ministries, local governments, or other municipal organisations, so long as their audience and goal are independent from their constituents, and not trying to promote any specific political aim

We reserve the right to decline partnership or terminate existing contracts for a number of reasons including, among other things, a violation of the Code of Ethics or any of the following grounds:

  • Evidence of non-independence or control by third party interest
  • Restriction or exclusion of participants on the grounds of organisation membership, party affiliation and/or employment
  • Evidence of any form of discrimination based on sex, gender, age, race, class or other social characteristics, incendiary or offensive behaviour, or inciting violence

Data use

In order to ensure the trust and best interests of our participants, My Country Talks and our partners commit to not use the data of the participants for any other purpose than for the handling and organization of the Event and the advertising of the event as well as for any subsequent reporting. We commit, in particular, not to pass on the data to third or advertising partners, and to use any data collectedonly for project-relevant purposes.

Funding and financial disclosure

My Country Talks is funded for the calendar year 2022 by Allianz Kultur Stiftung, The Robert Bosch Stiftung, the King Baudouin Foundation in Belgium, and the German Bundesfamilienministerium mit dem Bundesprogramm "Demokratie leben".

Previous funding has been received from The Federal Foreign Office of Germany, The European Cultural Foundation, The Evans Foundation, and Fondacion Hippocrene.

My Country Talks is registered as a German nonprofit organisation under the legal name Good Conversations gGmbH.

Registergericht: HRB 163905 Amtsgericht Hamburg
Steuernummer: 17 / 431 /16107

Bankverbindung: Commerzbank Stuttgart
BIC: COBADEFF IBAN: DE87 6004 0071 0523 0503 00