My Country Talks matches political opposites for 1:1 conversations


Participants from over 30 countries have taken part in a My Country Talks events


More than 200,000 participants have registered for an event


MCT events have matched more than 70,000 pairs of political opposites

About My Country Talks

My Country Talks helps societies around the world to connect over the issues that divide them. Our unique matching algorithm makes it easy for media, nonprofits and governments to fight polarisation, arguably one of the most important issues facing society today. We help break people out of their filter bubbles, build empathy, and work to define common values that strengthen democracy - all with just a conversation.

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America Talks

From a pilot to a national event - My Country Talks partners with USA Today, the USA Today Network and other media outlets for the first MCT national conversation event in America.

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Germany Talks

Germany Talks 2021 kicked off on May 3rd with ZEIT ONLINE and five other media partners. The brand new rolling system means that participants can have multiple conversations from now until the German elections in September.

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Ted Talk

What happened when we paired up thousands of strangers to talk politics?

Hear Editor in Cheif of ZEIT ONLINE, Jochen Wegner, give a Ted Talk about the origin of My Country Talks

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