Europe's largest cross-border dialogue project

Hey Europe, it's time to talk!

In a time when we are more connected than ever, it is still difficult to meet someone who sees the world differently. Europe Talks creates an open space for Europeans to share ideas, find common ground, and form strong opinions about the most important issues of today. These constructive conversations have been proven to decrease polarization and increase empathy across political divides.

After signing up, The Europe Talks algorithm matches will match you with a discussion partner who lives in a different European country and holds different opinions. You and your match partner meet in a private, 1:1 conversation to discuss the issues facing Europe today and share your different perspectives.

How it works:

1. Answer Questions

Answer a few questions and give your opinion on the issues facing Europe right now

2. Get matched with your partner

You will be matched with someone from another European country, who answered the questions differently from you

3. Have a conversation

If both you and your match agree to meet, you can arrange a one-on-one conversation online

About Europe Talks

Europe Talks is a cross border dialogue project co-created by a network of leading independent media partners around Europe. Since 2019 more than 59,000 people in 37 countries have participated in a Europe Talks event.

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Our conversation methodology and matching algorithm make Europe Talks a great experience for all participants

  • 90% are happy with their conversation and would take part again
  • 60% want to stay in touch with their discussion partner
  • 55% say their partner made a convincing argument about one or more of the discussion questions
  • Just one conversation has been proven to reduce polarization and increase empathy among participants

We screen every participant to ensure that all conversations will be safe, constructive, and respectful.

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Our partners

Der Standard, Austria

Efimerida Ton Syntakton, Greece.

Euractiv, Belgium

Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland.

Il Fatto, Italy, Lithuania

The Daily Mirror, UK

N1, Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia

PressOne, Romania
SME, Slovakia


Europe Talks was an amazing opportunity to meet people from all over the continent, and exchange ideas about something that is very dear to us all: Europe

— Anna, Europe Talks 2019 participant from Germany