Frequently Asked Questions

What is Europe Talks?

Europe Talks is part of My Country Talks, an initiative started in 2017 by the German media outlet Zeit Online. In an age of fragmented discourse, the goal is to bring strangers together to discuss different views on common issues. Since the first edition of Germany Talks (Deutschland Spricht), My Country Talks has gathered over 200,000 people in over 30 countries for political dialogue programs.

Who can participate in Europe Talks?

Europe Talks is open to anyone who considers themselves European. Whether you have lived in Europe all your life or just part of it, whether you have lived in one country or many, Europe Talks is a space for you to share your ideas.

How will my partner be chosen?

You will be paired with someone with a different political view, in another European country. The My Country Talks software automatically matches you based on the way you answer the registration survey, and based on the location you give when you sign up.

It may take some time to find you the perfect match, so we ask you to be patient. In rare cases, there will not be a good match for you based on either your opinion or your location. When that happens you will be offered a partner who might agree with you but is based in another country, or someone in your own country who has different opinions.

What should we talk about?

Unless you arrange otherwise, you and your partner will have an unmoderated and private conversation. This can seem intimidating, but don’t feel pressured - you don’t have to solve Europe’s big issues. The goal is simply to create an open conversation between two people who would probably never meet otherwise.

Beyond getting to know your conversation partner, we encourage you to go over the survey question and just listen to what they have to say. We have also published Ten Rules for a Good Debate to help you have a respectful and enjoyable discussion about politics.

How do we set up the call?

You are free to use any digital service you like, either video conference or just an old-fashioned phone call. If you are having technical difficulties or need help setting up a call, you can refer directly to your service provider.

For help, read our tips for a great video call

What if I don’t feel comfortable with my match?

We know that signing up to meet a stranger, especially one with different political views, can be daunting. It’s kind of like online dating. That’s why we also require both conversation partners to consent after being matched. Once you have been paired with a conversation partner, both participants need to agree for the meeting to move forward.

If you do not feel comfortable agreeing to meet your suggested partner, you can wait for the next matching round to get a new suggestion. At the end of each round, you will receive an email with instructions to answer any updated quesitons and reactivate your participation.

For a number of reasons, your match may also not agree to meet with you after you have confirmed to meet them. In this case, you will also receive an email to reactivate your participation and receive a new match in the next round.

Who stores my data, and what happens to it?

When you sign up, your personal data as well as the answers to the survey questions, are processed and stored by My Country Talks. If you sign up via one of our media partners, they will also have access to your name and answers, as well as the name of your conversation partner.

After Europe Talks ends, your information will be permanently erased from all databases. Some of your information may be used to report on trends from the event, but only as a small part of a large, anonymous aggregate. We never store personal or identifiable data given by participants. You can learn more by reading our full privacy policy.

Our partners

Beta News Agency is a private, independent news agency that reports on all events in the region of South East Europe.

bTV News is the most trusted media in Bulgaria, home to and the most watched TV news and current affairs’ shows in the country.

Der Standard is an Austrian daily newspaper published in Vienna

Efimerida Ton Syntakton is an independent, self-funding newspaper, among the leading news outlets in Greece.

El Confidencial is the largest digital daily newspaper in Spain.

Gazeta Wyborcza is a daily newspaper published in Warsaw, Poland.

Hromadske is a non-profit media start-up from Ukraine, founded by team of Ukrainian and foreign journalists.

La Repubblica is one of Italy’s most important newspapers and #1 digital news outlet

Les Surligneurs is France's first legal-checking media outlet.

The Daily Mirror (UK)

N1 is a 24-hour cable news channel with headquarters in Belgrade, Sarajevo and Zagreb and covers events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.

Newtral is a Spanish media start up of journalism, technology and data verification.

Telex is a free and independent news portal from Hungary is an online news service of Lithuania's public broadcaster, LRT, and one of the major news outlets in Lithuania.

The Times of Malta is an English-language daily newspaper from Malta.

Treffpunkt Europa is a political online magazine funded by the Young European Federalists.

Voxeurope is a pan-European media outlet which publishes stories in ten languages.

Zeit Online (Germany)

ENTR is a pan-European media consortium which creates social media content in English, German, French, Portuguese, Romanian and Polish for young people in Europe.

Deutsche Welle is Germany's public foreign broadcasting service. Deutsche Welle sites in multiple languages join Europe Talks 2021 as part of the ENTR project for European media.

France24 is an international, public broadcast news television network based in Paris. France24 joins Europe Talks 2021 as part of the ENTR project for European media.

Onet is the largest news portal in Poland and part of the media portfolio of Ringier Axel Springer Polska. Onet joins Europe Talks 2021 as part of the ENTR project for European media.

RFI Romania is the Romanian affiliate of Radio France Internationale (RFI). RFI Romaina joins Europe Talks 2021 as part of the ENTR project for European media.

RTP is the public service broadcasting organisation of Portugal. RTP joins Europe Talks 2021 as part of the ENTR project for European media.