Europe Talks 2024

Divided Europe, united in conversation

In 2024, almost half of European countries, as well as the EU Parliament, held elections. With multiple global crises, rising extremism, and a surge of disinformation, 2024 was the year for Europeans to connect across borders. Europe Talks 2024 made that possible.

The Europe Talks digital dialogue program took place every Saturday in April and May. This year, more than 5,150 people signed up for one of the eight online events. They came from 39 countries across the whole European continent and all walks of life.

Each Europe Talks conversation pair discussed the critical issues facing Europe right now, like climate change, disinformation, and the war in Ukraine. Here you can see how the participants answered the discussion questions,
which were used by our matching algorithm to pair together people with opposite views. These questions also formed the basis of the one-on-one conversations.

Europe Talks 2024 discussion questions

Meeting face-to-face

This year’s Europe Talks program was more ambitious than ever. Alongside virtual conversations, four in-person events were organized by Europe Talks partners in Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, and Madrid. Each event centered around an important topic of the upcoming EU Parliament election.

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The Europe Talks First-Time Voters Program

The First-Time Voters Program, organized by ZEIT ONLINE in Berlin. On May 31, first-time voters from 24 EU countries were asked how they would solve the problems facing Europe's future. Participants were split into four groups to design solutions for the topics of security, mobility, migration, and EU identity. At the end of the day, each group presented
their ideas to an audience of journalists and other invited guests.

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Hear their voices

All of Europe is talking about...

Talking to a stranger about politics can be scary, especially when you may not even speak the same language. But this year’s Europe Talks participants had constructive and respectful conversations, and 87% said they were happy with their experience. Many participants even formed friendships – 62% said they were planning to stay in touch with their conversation partner after the program ended.

While each conversation is private and unmoderated, participants’ personal messages gave us a glimpse into their conversations. You can read some of the highlights in our weekly recap series.

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Support for Europe Talks

Europe Talks 2024 is organized by My Country Talks together with Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland) and the European Cultural Foundation. The project is funded by the European Commission Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV).

Europe Talks 2024 is also a partner of the Display, a project to create a pan-European media platform co-funded by the European Union. Learn more at