Belgium Talks

May 4, 2019

In a joint call, the newspapers and online magazines De Standaard, Knack, Stampmedia and Bruzz Media were asking Belgians from all over the country to sit down for a talk.

Het grote gelijk (The Big Right) was taking place in parallel with Europe Talks, giving readers the choice to meet either a Belgian or a European from outside the country.

For the Belgian event, the organizers were asking participants the following questions:

  • Should driving be strongly discouraged?
  • Is Islam compatible with Western values?
  • Do politics work in Belgium?
  • Is the #MeToo pendulum now swinging in the other direction?
  • Are we too intolerant of migrants?
  • Are you prepared to make sacrifices to save the climate?
  • Does our education system neglect the smartest students?

Belgium Talks media partners

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