Connect your readers with the world

Join the world's biggest global dialogue experiment.

On June 25, 2023, we will match thousands of participants with a conversation partner from a completely different country, context and mindset - but we can't do it alone! We are building a unique media partner network to promote The World Talks to readers around the whole world.

Our programs have been proven to increase empathy and reduce polarization with just one conversation. In these times of unprecendented polarization, we want to connect the world to discuss common solutions and build pathways to a united future. As a media partner, you will get the chance to engage your readers in this unique program, build trust and loyalty, and connect with a network of quality, independent media from around the world.

Why become a media partner?

  • Become part of an unique global media alliance
  • Give your readers the unique opportunity to meet someone from another country
  • Get access to protagonists from the world

How to join

The media partner network will promote the program to readers, who will sign up on our campaign website, on social media or in your articles online. Our algorithm matches participants with a partner from a different country for a conversation.

Joining is easy, and will not require many resources from your team. Participating media partners will get access to protagonists from the world, and have the option to participate in a multimedia reporting collaboration. After the day of dialogue, will continue the reporting with The Global Citizen Council: a group of 50 diverse participants from all regions and walks of life who will meet to discuss global issues.

Engage your readers

We start by asking a few discussion questions about global topics. You can embed these questions right in your articles online, or redirect your readers to The World Talks website.

We handle the rest

Our algorithm will match participants with a partner from a different country. We manage all event communication, and data is securely stored in Germany following GDPR.

Join the first day of global dialogue

On June 25, 2023, thousands of participants from around the world will meet (online) for a one-on-one conversation.

Publish innovative, multimedia stories

Media partners can feature their readers and get exclusive access to protagonists from around the world.

Our partners

El Tiempo (Colombia)
Pulse (Ghana)

Meduza (Russia)

Hankyoreh (South Korea)

The Green Line (Canada)

The Daily Mirror, UK

Unbias the News

The Solutions Journalism Network


The Constructive Institute

CP Yen Foundation (Taiwan)


More partners to be announced soon

Still have questions? We might have the answer

How will participants sign up?

Participants will sign up directly on the The World Talks website, or in a registration form which will be embedded in online articles from the media partner network.

How will participants be matched?

Participants will be asked 2-3 questions about their views and values. They will also choose categories they identify with, such as their job (e.g. entrepreneur, craftsperson) or other aspects of their life and family (e.g. parent, food enthusiast). Our matching algorithm will pair participants who have different views but share one aspect of their life in common.

How will they speak to each other?

Participants arrange their conversations independently, meaning it's up to them to choose their preferred platform to connect. The language of communication will be English.

Where does the data go?

My Country Talks will act as the data processor and controller for the event, and all data is handled under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What about participant privacy ?

Participants can exchange messages with their conversation partner via a secure, anonymous messenger service. As the conversations are arranged independently, it is up to each conversation pair to exchange data as they feel comfortable.

What happens on the Global Day of Dialogue?

On June 25, 2023, people will meet to have their (online) one-on-one conversation.

What is required of the media partners?

Media partners are expected to promote the event to their readers via social media, articles, newsletters, and other channels. You will also be enabled to publish stories about the program, including interviews with participants themselves. We also ask that you participate in regular check-in meetings.

What is expected as editorial output?

Media partners can report on any of the global conversations in their own fashion. We ask that partners publish at least one (launch) article about the program on their website.