O Brazil Fala 2024


Democracy in Brazil is at a critical juncture. Rising political polarization between the left and the right has created an environment in which Brazilians are less and less willing to talk with the other side. Now is the time to act and bring Brazilians back together!

In 2024, My Country Talks will launch O BRASIL FALA jointly with a research team at Stanford University (USA), and Instituto SIVIS, a Brazilian nonprofit and nonpartisan think-tank.

O BRASIL FALA will connect more than 10,000 Brazilians for a conversation across political divides! Our program will cultivate healthy dialogue and strengthen democracy in Brazil.

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Join the O BRASIL FALA Alliance as a media partner! Media partners are a crucial building block of the initiative: you will support O BRASIL FALA in recruiting participants and receive access to the results and participants’ testimonials for exclusive coverage.

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About the project

O BRAZIL FALA is organized by My Country Talks, an award-winning dialogue initiative with the goal to bridge divides by providing a platform for conversations across political divides. My Country Talks has connected over 290,000 participants in over 100 countries worldwide, partnering with international media outlets, such as USA Today (USA), The Mirror (UK), or El Tiempo (Colombia).

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O Brazil Fala is co-organized by a research team at Stanford University, and Instituto SIVIS, a Brazilian nonprofit and nonpartisan think-tank.